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FOIA (Part I):
the lead line is made entirely by a mother 32 and a 4ms PEG acting as two LFOs. A mutable instruments Rings covers the twinkly glockenspiel type sound. The drums are being completely squashed and lightly overdriven to simulate the effect VHS tapes have on audio.

This song is about my frustration in dealing with the US government. I tried to get information about UFO's by filling out forms on the freedom of information act (FOIA) website with no luck. They're hiding something. This part is not a joke.

Noise piece (Part II):
Made entirely with a mother 32. This part is a joke.

Twitter rapper diss track (Part III):
the lead line is being made by patching the M32's KB out into the MI Rings' V/oct in. LFO TRI out from the M32 is patched into the FREQ jack on the rings for a little vibrato. Both the M32 and Rings are fed into a VCA for mixing. the sound is about 60% rings and 40% M32.

I made the ooh's and ahh's by recording some harmonies, high passing a lot and mid scooping a little, adding some reverb, delay, panning and compressing the hell out of them. None of the vocal sounds on this record are pulled from a sample library. I generally use techniques like I described.

This song is about lame twitter rappers who come from wealthy families and wholesome backgrounds but will still do just about anything to appear "hard".


take a step back
you better know your role
lock yourselves in your home
it's not safe anymore

there is so much
that i wanna tell you
but there's so little truth
and i can see the men in suits

welcome to the
united states
welcome to the
capitalist age

make a request
fill out a form
then wait for the lords
to give you some more

the acronym is loose
cuz' they'll only let you
see what they want you to

welcome to the
united states
welcome to the
capitalist age


from Shag Dissatisfaction, released July 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Grayson James Coppell, Texas

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