from by Grayson James

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I fell asleep while recording this track. the full uncut version includes a 20 minute long drone at the end that stops abruptly when I wake up and hit the stop button. A Mannequins Mangrove provides the droning root while the Mother 32 performs the melodious duties. I have the mangrove's formant output patched into the M32's ext audio input so that I can use the famous Ladder filter on both oscillators. Drums are a mixture of 808 glitch samples and stacked and low passed kick sounds from the recording of the last Sad Cops record.


Back at the center again,
with you and all your friends
again again again
your fingers twitch and play with your hair

you're better now than you were three years ago
but that's not saying much
you'll try and try to claw your way to the opening at the top of this stone prison
for the rest of your short life

so listen to me now
I've got a feeling
That your parents aren't proud
and they wish they knew what you were doing

and they wish they knew if you were okay
and they wish that they could hug you again
but they won't
for a very distinct and crucial reason that I could not possibly outline here

we're not that far off
it's not that unreachable distance but it is utterly heartbreaking
to watch you pass to the next landscape
slowly and predictably and in a timely manner

you are dying and I am dying and we are all dying
you are dying and I am dying and you are all dying
you are dying and I am dead
and our dreams are the dirt covering our heads

so take this book and read all that you can
in it are stories about the world and man
about this man holding your arms
plucking at your hands and taking advantage of your situation

so who are you really?
a corpse or a fallen deity?
i guess we'll find out soon enough
when you've double checked the will and drained all the blood

I guess it's time to check the will and drain all the blood

because its a lovely existence if you leave the underground
and if you get to the top and never fall back down
oh it's a lovely existence to be here with you
with nothing but fire and filth and a few days of food


from Shag Dissatisfaction, released July 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Grayson James Coppell, Texas

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